Toshio Yamagishi

Professor emeritus, Hokkaido University
Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy,
Hitotsubashi University

Yamagishi has retired from Hokkaido
University on March 31, 2012.
His new contact address is below.

Brain Science Research Center
6-1-1, Tamagawagakuen, Machida
Tokyo, 194-8610, Japan

+81 (Japan) 42-739-8356


Information from Toshio Yamagishi WEB

April 2014
My affiliation has changed to Hitotsubashi University. The contact information remains the same.

Nov 2013
Endowed a Person of Cultural Merits (national award given to a few artists and scholars with the most outstanding contributions)

Sep 2013
Received Award for International Contributions to Psychology from The Japanese Psychological Association.

May 2013
The url of this site has been changed.
New address:

April 2013
My affiliation has changed to Tokyo University.
The contact information remains the same.

April 2012
My affiliation has changed to Tamagawa University.

February 2012
The first international workshop for NSFPSB project was held.

January 2012
NSFPSB project web site has opened.

June 2008
Preference vs. strategies as explanations for culture-specific behavior (Yamagishi et al. Psychol. Sci. 19 , 578 (2008).) was featured in Editor's Choice, Science Vol. 320. no. 5881, p. 1262 .

19 Dec 2007
Toshio Yamagishi official web site opened.

NSFPSB project